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Renowned for his high-octane and distinctive spinning style, Cem Araci, aka Outsiders, commands top-tier lineups worldwide. Hailing from the Dutch Harddance scene, Outsiders is a revered figure with a prolific record, boasting numerous yearly bookings both in the Netherlands and abroad.

From the age of 12, Outsiders immersed himself in the art of spinning, armed with vinyl records, igniting clubs and parties across the Netherlands. Originally part of a duo, he embarked on a solo journey in 2014 and reaped success, earning three Golden records and a Platinum record. His musical curiosity knows no bounds, embracing various genres with fervor.

“Music is art. Someone put time and effort into it.”

Outsiders thrives on perpetual creativity, consistently setting higher bars with exhilarating releases and collaborations with prominent hardstyle and EDM DJs. Unconstrained by rigid goals, he perpetually evolves, reflecting, “As long as I do what I love, it will spread to my fans and my audience. You will achieve goals you didn’t even know you had.”

Over the years, Outsiders has graced illustrious stages such as Defqon.1, Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, and Dance Valley, captivating audiences across Europe, Asia, and South America. His dynamic personality permeates every track, elevating every event he touches.

Need we say more? Outsiders brings boundless energy and an undeniable party spirit. Get ready to groove—Outsiders is on the horizon, and standing still is not an option!